How does Cel³ Renewal work?

How does Cel³ Renewal work?

Cel³ Renewal supports the clearing of expired cells, the folding and formation of functional proteins, and your ability to sense and respond to nutrients.

Expired cells or 'Zombie cells' are cells that are no longer useful. They are usually broken down and recycled through a process called autophagy, but as we get older more of these cells go undetected and stay in your system.

Autophagy supports the recycling and reuse of cells and their components, and autophagy is therefore an important process in healthy cells.

The synergistic formula of Cel³ also contains Fisetin, Berberine, Withaferin A, Apigenin and Oleuropein which together support autophagy levels, cellular renewal, and normal protein structure.

Your cells cannot be in growth and regeneration modes at the same time. Cel³ gently simulates fasting to support your cells to enter recovery mode and conduct youthful levels of cellular turnover and housekeeping.