Circulatory system care "vital" [NZHERALD]

Circulatory system care "vital" [NZHERALD]

Aging known to be major risk factor for poor health.

Many of us have gazed at a baby and marvelled at the perfection of new life – but 40 years on, that baby will be showing signs that age catches up with all of us.

While research shows most of us are living longer than our grandparents, that doesn't necessarily mean good health is maintained as we age.

According to SRW Laboratories (Science Research Wellness) founder Greg Macpherson: "Once we have better understanding, we can help our bodies support good health through diet and supplements if necessary and doing the right types of exercise."

Macpherson says the importance of the circulatory system and its role in health should not be underestimated: "Think of the circulatory system as the body's roading network. It's pumping life-giving oxygen, nutrients, chemicals, enzymes, and hormones while also eliminating waste and foreign invaders.

"While we are young, our circulation systems generally run smoothly – like modern highways with smooth tarmac and sophisticated monitoring systems – ensuring nutrients get to their destination fast and efficiently. This means functioning occurs and the bad stuff is taken out of the system by the 'police' – our white blood cells."

However, wear and tear is inevitable. If the highway is not maintained, the tar seal eventually wears out and potholes appear, causing damage. That means vital supply of goods are late or don't get to their destination at all, says Macpherson.

"The heart and blood vessels together maintain a delicate equilibrium in your body and circulatory system and this is intrinsically connected to the immune system," Macpherson says. "White blood cells are delivered to areas of the body where they help to combat foreign bodies such as bacteria, viruses and parasites; they also play a critical role in removing dead cells and debris from your body."

Because the circulation is so crucial to how our bodies function, it's vital to give it the TLC it deserves, he says.

"Recent discoveries relating to ageing suggest we can support the circulatory system as we age.
Blood vessels – arteries, veins and capillaries – rarely receive the attention they deserve when you consider the importance of delivering the things that help keep us well and balanced," he says.

Projecting from the lining of our blood vessels is a layer of hair-like projections called the glycocalyx, which controls permeability in our blood vessels and is involved in supporting healthy blood pressure.

The integrity of the glycocalyx diminishes as we age and, Macpherson says, "supporting the endothelial glycocalyx is a promising target in helping support blood vessel health".

SRW has developed a supplement called Cir1 Flow to support the health of blood vessels as we age. The formulation provides a unique and synergistic combination of rhamnan sulphate, curcuminoids and a selection of other ingredients to support the glycocalyx and our overall blood vessel health.

Dr. Masahiro Terasawa

Dr. Masahiro Terasawa - SRW Advisory Board Member

This approach is backed by Dr Masahiro Terasawa (PhD and MSc, Osaka University Department of Biological Science) who has spent 25 years specialising in molecular biology and published four papers on the ability of rhamnan sulphate to support blood vessel health.

"Vascular health is intrinsically connected with health and lifespan. Rhamnan sulphate supports vascular health," says Dr Terasawa.

Cir1 Flow also contains Vitamin K2 (K2-MK-7), which has superior bioavailability compared to other forms of K2. It is prevalent in fermented foods which are rare in the Western diet. In the circulatory system K2-MK-7 supports vessel flexibility, cardiac output and normal calcification.

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