An interview with Dr. Cem Aydogan

An interview with Dr. Cem Aydogan

Meet Dr. Cem Aydogan, the scientist behind SRW's Skl¹ Mobility product and a member of the SRW Scientist Advisory Board.

Dr. Cem Aydogan has over two decades of experience in pharmaceutical and nutritional industries. He is the founder of several companies with heavy emphasis on innovative supplements. Dr. Aydogan combines a unique experience of being a scientist, a physician and management professional.

1). Please introduce yourself

I studied medicine and biochemistry with a special emphasis on immune biology and endocrinology at the University of Cologne. I've been working in the pharmaceutical and supplement industry for nearly 25 years. The major aspect of my work was the development and introduction of new ingredients, scientifically based ingredients into the market…and conducting clinical trials

2). Why is it important to support your joints, as you age?

The body consists of 206 bones. Each of these bones is somehow connected with each other through tendons, muscles and soft tissues. Whenever you move, even when you sleep, these joints are and bones are in movement. Despite the presence of natural cushioning, many people experience joint discomfort as a result of aging. This happens when the cartilage or even bones experience wear and tear from use. Therefore, we need to support these structures.

3). Can you please tell us more about the hero ingredient Natural Eggshell Membrane (NEM) in Skl¹? 

NEM is a all natural joint health ingredient derived from the eggshell membrane. In the eggshell membrane you can find over 70 different proteins. For example, glucosamine, chondroitin IC acid and all these proteins are working together in small peptide fragments to support your joint health in your body. After isolating the eggshell membrane with a specific patented process, we are performing a partially hydrolyzation which means we're breaking down the proteins in the egg shell membrane. These components are used in the body to support the preservation and production of connective tissue for healthy joint function.

NEM has several benefits. First of all, it is a very fast acting ingredient. It supports the normal function of connective tissues and joints, the protection of the cartilage and supports at the same time the mobility and flexibility.

4). Can you tell us more about the ingredients in Skl¹ Mobility?

Skl¹ contains 2 smart ingredients, 5-LOXIN and NEM - the natural eggshell membrane. Both ingredients work synergistically and support the strength, mobility, preservation of cartilage and much more. Both ingredients provide a full bench of science with over 16 publications each. I've been involved in NEM research for over 10 years and have I co-authored 2 scientific studies to test its efficacy. 

5). Who is Skl¹ formulated for? 

Skl¹ mobility is actually for everyone. For athletes, but also for regular people who run and do sports. Also, it's for people who are aging and want to protect, maintain and supports normal mobility and flexibility for healthy joints.

6). Why did you choose to work with SRW Laboratories?

I came across SRW on several occasions, and I was quite fascinated of the ideas how they want to combine these ingredients. SRW is entering a very nice area of investigations for healthy living. I think this is just starting and It will bring more and more innovative products to the market.