• Science-based nutraceuticals that change as you age
    A new way to approach aging

    A new way to approach aging

Science Research Wellness is a nutraceutical company founded by pharmacist, Greg Macpherson.

We curate the latest science and research to formulate supplements that have significant evidence of effect on your wellbeing, especially as you age.

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Historically one of humankind's greatest obsessions has been immortality, but what is a long life without the capacity to enjoy it?

Since the mid 1800’s, changes to life expectancy have meant that, on average, each generation is living 3-4 years longer. But despite this year on year increase, our healthspan is not keeping up.

Healthspan: The portion of our lives for which we are healthy

As we age the structure, function and processes within our cells change. These changes have been labelled by the science community as 'The Hallmarks of Aging'. Since our cells are the building blocks for our bodies, our overall wellbeing can be affected by these naturally occurring changes.

Researchers are making constant scientific discoveries that support the aging process in ways that have not been available to previous generations. SRW’s goal is to curate the latest understanding of aging at a cellular level and make the result of this knowledge accessible to everyone.

Taken in conjunction with regular exercise and a healthy diet, SRW’s range of nutraceuticals are designed to support your cellular health - wherever you are in your aging journey.

Cel<sup>1</sup> Stability <br>Cellular System

Cel1 Stability
Cellular System

Cel<sup>1</sup> Stability <br>Cellular System Cel<sup>1</sup> Stability <br>Cellular System
Cel<sup>2</sup> Nourishment <br>Cellular System

Cel2 Nourishment
Cellular System

Cel<sup>2</sup> Nourishment <br>Cellular System Cel<sup>2</sup> Nourishment <br>Cellular System
Cel<sup>3</sup> Renewal <br>Cellular System

Cel3 Renewal
Cellular System

Cel<sup>3</sup> Renewal <br>Cellular System Cel<sup>3</sup> Renewal <br>Cellular System
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Are you aging well? Your cells will tell.

DNAage is New Zealand's first at-home biological age test. Biological age gives you an indication of how well and how quickly you are aging. We can determine your biological age by studying specific groups of molecules that attach to your DNA.

Your biological age is fluid.
Research shows that making adjustments to your environment and lifestyle can improve biological age. With DNAage you can track your progress over time, and you'll have our expert advice along the way.

SRW Scientists

SRW collaborate with world leading scientists who are specialists in their respected fields. We consult with our advisory board and ingredient experts to ensure our science is sound.

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