Our lifespan is increasing, but our healthspan isn't keeping up.

Due to the modern diet, lifestyle changes and advances in science our life expectancy has been increasing each generation.

However, this increasing life expectancy isn’t paired with a proportionate increase in healthspan. In fact, old-age brings with it a prevalence of age-related health issues and aging is now known to be the biggest risk factor for poor health.

There are many reasons we should be concerned about a short healthspan. We want a future where we can continue to do the activities we enjoy, spend time with loved ones and maintain our independence well into our golden years. But the reality for many may be quite different from this.

With recent and upcoming scientific advancements, we now know that there are ways we can support our body through the aging process. What we have only now started to expect, is that we might live these extra years well. With energy, enthusiasm, flexibility and conscious recognition.

To realize this vision we need to understand what causes aging at the cellular level.

DNA structure

The Hallmarks of Aging

As we age the structure, function and processes within our cells change. The 'Hallmarks of Aging' are widely accepted by the science community.

1. Genomic Instability

2. Epigenetic Alterations

3. Telomere Attrition

4. Mitochondrial Dysfunction

5. Altered Intercellular Communication

6. Stem Cell Exhaustion

7. Cellullar Senescence

8. Deregulated Nutrient Sensing

9. Loss of Proteostasis

10. Disabled Autophagy

11. Inflammaging

12. Microbiome Dysbiosis

Each of the Hallmarks described above manifest in our bodies as aging. Externally we see changes to skin elasticity, hair colour and skin pigmentation. We feel the challenges associated with poor sleep and a general decline of energy. Internally these shifts can be observed through changes in autophagy, NAD+ levels and telomere structure.

Our system recognizes the differing levels of support needed at different stages of your biological age.

SRW nutraceuticals aren't a one size fits all - your cells can use support in different areas as you age which is why we will recommend different products to you based on your biological age or lifestyle factors.

Our formulations support the aging process in a way that previous generations have not had access to.