Redefining what it means to age [TIME MAGAZINE]

Redefining what it means to age [TIME MAGAZINE]

The concept of aging has fascinated humans for centuries. Until recently the process has been thought of as inevitable, and irreversible. In recent times advancements in cosmetics and surgery have allowed people to reverse some of the symptoms of aging. But what about the causes of aging?

The technology sector is experiencing exponential growth, as seen in self-driving cars, the application of mRNA vaccines in the medical industry, and the development of the commercial space industry. Excitingly, advances in aging research are also following a similar trajectory.

“It may be the first time in human history we finally have enough understanding of our cellular biology and the right tools to age well,” says Greg Macpherson.

Greg is a biotechnologist, pharmacist and cellular health expert from New Zealand who has been invited to speak as a subject matter expert globally on numerous occasions.


The research now isn’t just about longevity, no one wants to live for longer if you can’t enjoy it. Our life expectancy has been increasing in part due to the modern diet, lifestyle changes and advances in science. However, this isn’t paired with a proportionate increase in healthspan, which is the portion of our lives for which we are healthy.

"Increasing healthspan will drive a transformational shift in how humanity ages and will deliver increasing socioeconomic benefits of having healthier older adults, as well as potentially buffering some of the negative effects of the reduced fertility rates being observed in the developed world.”

The aging process is an increasingly popular research topic and there is mounting evidence that along with a healthy lifestyle, supplementation with nutraceuticals can support youthful cellular function and therefore overall health. SRW Laboratories curates this research to formulate nutraceuticals to support your long-term health and healthy aging.


Nearly a decade ago, scientists reached a consensus on nine key areas of the cells that decline in function as we age, known as the Nine Hallmarks of Aging. They all share one thing in common: If we worsen the hallmarks, we age faster. If we better them, we slow the aging process.

In pioneering work, Greg and a team of expert scientists developed a world-first, range of cellular health supplements. ‘The Cellular System range’, a series of nutraceuticals which support the cells to behave in a youthful manner, specifically targeting nine areas of cellular decline. These nine areas are known as ‘The Nine Hallmarks of Aging’, and have been scientifically shown to play a major role in to how quickly, and how well we age.

A closing note on Greg Macpherson

In 2020 Greg authored “Harnessing the Hallmarks of Aging”, a healthy-aging guidebook which he wrote after compiling and simplifying the findings of scientists from around the globe. The book contains healthy aging strategies for different life stages that are useful for everyone aged 20 and beyond’. Greg is the founder of SRW Laboratories (, a business with a mission to empower people to age better so they can reach their absolute potential in life.

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