DNAᵃᵍᵉ on The AM Show

DNAᵃᵍᵉ on The AM Show

Founder of SRW Laboratories, Greg Macpherson joins hosts Ryan Bridge, Amanda Gillies and Mark Richardson on The AM Show, introducing DNAᵃᵍᵉ, New Zealand's first at-home salvia based DNA age test. 

Not to be confused with other DNA tests that examine your ancestry origins, DNAᵃᵍᵉ utilises the latest developments in epigenetics and cutting-edge technology, to reveal your 'biological age'. 

You Have Two Ages

"What if you were told that you had two ages. Your chronological age, the age you know to be. And then there's your true biological age. Factors such as stress, diet, sun exposure and sleep can affect the rate at which we truly age."

On the segment, Greg explains the science behind the product and how it measures DNA methylation to derive your biological age. He further goes into recommendations we can adopt in our daily lives to help reverse our biological age, including lifestyle changes such as fasting, diet, exercise and supplementation.

The Reveal

The hosts proceed with revealing their biological age, starting with Amanda Gillies and Ryan Bridge both resulting in a biological age slightly older than their chronological age. Amanda opens up about her past health concerns and is quite satisfied with her result. Ryan admits that although he does take care of himself, he admittedly is not too surprised being slightly older than he is. Mark Richardson, reveals a 6 year gap between his chronological age and biological age, outlining that his experience with exposure to the sun and stress to be the likely culprits. 

The segment concludes with interpretations of the results and further recommendations to incorporate in your daily habits to support healthy aging,   reiterating that the test is an indicative tool of your cellular health.

Watch the full segment below: