Think You're Ageing Well? There's A Test For That [VIVA]

Think You're Ageing Well? There's A Test For That [VIVA]

SRW has a vision. Its name, a catchy abbreviation of ‘Science Research Wellness’, sums up the business well, but its approach has a distinctive difference. 

With ageing (how we’re doing it, and what we could be doing better) under a microscope, it encourages customers to go on a journey, and take a personal, tailored approach to the dietary supplements — considering cellular health and their DNA. 

Founded by pharmacist and author Greg Macpherson, SRW’s goal is to support “healthspan” — something that is front of mind for many people, who are aware that the stresses of life can take a toll on health, appearance and how you feel about yourself. 

“As a pharmacist, I get to see the impact of ageing on people daily,” Greg told Rahul Bhattarai, from NZ Herald. “I felt it was time to translate the new science into products that take the latest understanding of ageing so that we can all age well.” 

This personal experience helped inspire SRW, and with 30 years as a pharmacist and seven years as CEO of a biotech company under his belt, Greg is well-positioned to take on the booming wellness market. 


Part of SRW's unique offering is DNAᵃᵍᵉ, a biological age test that can act as a guide to how you're ageing. DNAᵃᵍᵉ uses epigenetics (science that studies how behaviour and environment impact our genes) to reveal your biological age. Sounds complicated? It all happens in the comfort of your own home. SRW sends you an at-home saliva test, which you then send back and wait for your results. 

To help customers understand the biological ageing process, SRW refers to the Nine Hallmarks of Ageing — also the name of Greg’s book on the subject — a list that includes genomic instability, telomere attrition, epigenetic alterations, mitochondrial dysfunction, loss of proteostasis, deregulated nutrient sensing, cellular senescence, stem cell exhaustion and altered intercellular communication. 

Global research on these areas is at a very early stage, with scientists continuing to seek answers. 

DNAᵃᵍᵉ goes hand in hand with SRW’s Cellular System Range of dietary supplements — products that harness the latest science and research and aim to support health on a cellular level — specifically cells’ stability, nourishment, and rejuvenation. 

Greg told NZ Herald that, though it “may seem a little strange” to be focusing on healthy ageing, SRW’s products help support your cells to be “as healthy as possible right now”, with the added goal of supporting your health over the long term. 

Developed by award-winning scientists around the world, the SRW product range spans several categories, including the nervous system, skeletal system, circulation, and cellular system – the latter of which includes three key products: Cel¹ Stability, Cel²Nourishment, Cel³ Renewal, each with a distinctive focus, that aim to support your overall cellular system as you age. 


Cel¹ Stability

Formulated with environmental and lifestyle-related factors like pollution, smoking, poor sleep, lack of exercise or an unhealthy diet in mind, Cel¹ Stability* ingredients include Hobamine — a compound found in Himalayan Tartary Buckwheat thought to help combat free radical damage — selenium, B12, Zinc and Vitamin C, as well as extracts from the flowers of the Sophorae japonica tree (Rutin), turmeric, and roots of Astragalus propinquus (a flowering plant native to Mongolia). SRW believes this formulation supports the structure and function of DNA and genes. 

Cel² Nourishment

As its name suggests, this was created to support energy levels for those experiencing mental and physical tiredness, and claims to support cellular repair and support energy. To do so, Cel² Nourishment* includes nicotinamide mononucleotide — a derivative of niacin, which is a form of vitamin B3 — Vitamin D and B2, alongside a proprietary blend that includes pterostilbene (also found in almonds and blueberries) and amino acid compound L-carnosine. SRW recommends this supplement for active people, or those who enjoy vitality and feeling up to par. 

Cel³ Renewal 

Formulated to support cellular rejuvenation for people, SRW suggests including this in your ageing strategy. Cel³Renewal* contains ingredients like natural flavonoid apigenin (you may recognise this if you’re a fan of chamomile), and a proprietary blend that includes extracts from the leaves of tea tree leaves (Oleuropein) and European smoke tree, cortex phellodendri bark, and ashwagandha. 


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