How does Cel¹ Stability work?

How does Cel¹ Stability work?

Cel¹ Stability, supports your built-in defences against factors that cause stress to your cells and their components, including your DNA.

Your environment and lifestyle subject your DNA to thousands of changes per day. Daily activities that result in stress, UV exposure, poor nutrition or lack of sleep, mean your cells have to work harder to maintain your DNA.
Your cells have unbuilt mechanisms to repair DNA, and as we age these mechanisms slow down.

Certain environmental and lifestyle factors can also increase the amount of damage-causing free radicals that your cells have to work to clean up.

Changes to telomeres are also a part of the aging process, with factors such as stress having potential to accelerate these changes.

Cel¹ contains HobamineTM, a patented form of the ingredient 2-HOBA, which is found in Himalayan Tartary buckwheat. HobamineTM, is a breakthrough in cellular health and a significant advance from regular antioxidants.
At this time SRW is one of only two companies in the world with access to HobamineTM.

This synergistic formulation of Cel¹ supports healthy DNA, genes and telomeres.