Paula Bennett SRW Brand Ambassador

SRW Laboratories Announces Paula Bennett as its Brand Ambassador

[SRW Press Release : 10th September 2021]

Innovative biotechnology company SRW Laboratories has engaged former Deputy Prime Minister Paula Bennett as brand ambassador to promote the company’s leading-edge range of health supplements. Having the backing of former deputy PM and TV show host, is an exciting development which the company believe will help them establish in both local and international markets. 

SRW Laboratories recently launched with a range of supplements formulated to target cellular function and support healthy aging.

Known for her wit, media savvy and stylish fashion sense, making New Zealand’s best dressed list in 2020, Paula Bennett is also known for overcoming significant health challenges. The combination of these factors makes her a perfect fit for SRW which aims to help people adopt a new approach to healthy aging. 

Following her own quest to be healthier and more energetic, Bennett identifies with the goal of SRW to lengthen healthspan – the number of years in a person's life that they are in good health. An active family and professional life give her great reason to maintain health and energy levels.  

“When I was in government, I didn’t sleep well enough, I didn’t eat well, I didn’t exercise and that really took a toll on me and my body. I knew I had to make some pretty big changes if I wanted to live the kind of healthy older lifestyle that I was looking forward to,” says Bennett.

“I actually embrace aging and want to be around for quite a few more decades yet, but I’m not an expert and I’m not a scientist, so like anyone else I started going to the experts and listening to them. And I think that’s what led me to SRW.”

Founder of SRW Laboratories, biotechnologist Greg Macpherson is excited about the relationship.

“We are thrilled to have Paula onboard. I greatly admire her personal and professional achievements and she ticks so many boxes for SRW.”

“We are a proud New Zealand business and looking internationally to important markets, in the US, and across Asia. We sought someone with international notability, style and intelligence, that reflects the energy we want our customers to aspire to.”

Bennett’s international reputation is built on numerous international trade missions. She was a recipient of an Eisenhower Fellowship in the USA, awarded to outstanding women leaders globally.

Bennett expands on why SRW interested her, “I wanted a natural product. I love that it is backed by the scientists, I love that the experts have spent so long looking at it. I just have a huge amount of trust in Greg Macpherson, he's given his whole lifetime to trying to help us all live longer in a healthy way.”

Bennett held 14 portfolios during her political career, rising to become Deputy Prime Minister. She has recently returned to public attention as host of the successful new TV show ‘Give Us a Clue’. Hosting alongside team captains, comedian and author Tom Sainsbury and renowned journalist and award-winning current affairs presenter Hilary Barry, the show has quickly become the most popular show in its primetime slot, attracting nearly 420,000 viewers.