SRW Laboratories second in the world to license breakthrough nutrient that offers next-level free radical protection

SRW Laboratories second in the world to license breakthrough nutrient that offers next-level free radical protection

[SRW PRESS RELEASE : 17th August 2022]

Not too few, not too many. Are you in the free radical goldilocks zone?

Free radicals are often blamed for causing many of the health conditions associated with the aging process. The truth is a little more complicated, and scientists now know that we need free radicals for optimal health.

You’ve probably already read that free radicals are unstable molecules that react with other molecules to become stable, and that this process can cause damage to cells and their components. This knowledge has seen a surge in popularity of anti-oxidant berries, other foods and supplements in recent years.

It’s common knowledge that factors such as exposure to toxins and chemicals, smoking, UV radiation and diets high in sugar, fats and alcohol can contribute to free radical and potentially lead to a phenomenon called ‘oxidative stress’.

This is where we throw a spanner in the works - free radicals are actually required for normal cellular function. Cells use free radicals to communicate, and immune cells harness free radicals as a first line of defence against foreign bodies. For these reasons, a certain level (or Goldilock’s Zone) of free radicals is necessary for your body to perform at its best.

So, what can we do to support our cells when it comes to free radicals?

To fully mitigate the effects of oxidative stress we would need to take massive doses of antioxidants which would interfere with healthy free radical signalling mechanisms that are important to our health. The issue we face today is the risk of eliminating these beneficial free radicals, which can compromise normal function and immune system capacity. A new and alternative approach is to supplement with a new ingredient called 2-HOBA, which supports healthy levels of free radical signalling. 2-HOBA is unique in that it supports the cells defences against the molecules that are produced because of oxidative stress and free radical damage. All without affecting healthy levels of free radicals, that the cells require to function normally.

2-HOBA (Hobamine™) is a natural molecule discovered in Himalayan Tartary Buckwheat. Himalayan Tartary Buckwheat has been used traditionally for many generations, and it has only recently been discovered for use in dietary supplements. Hobamine™ is a patented form of the nature-based ingredient 2-HOBA. Discovered at Vanderbilt University in the USA, this newly available compound is a game changer in supporting healthy cells and aging. 2-HOBA supports healthy aging, skin condition, and supports the cells’ natural defences against oxidative stress.

New Zealand company SRW Laboratories has partnered with the world expert, involved with researching this ingredient, to formulate the latest addition to their range of science-based supplements. SRW® 2-HOBA is backed by SRW’s Science Advisory Board and has been developed in partnership with Dr. Naji Abumrad (Doctor of Medicine).

Dr. Abumrad has 40 years of experience as a research scientist and collaborated with the founders of Hobamine™ to research the potential benefits of this ingredient in relation to aging, resulting in several issued patents.

“It is generally accepted that aging is associated with an increase in oxidative stress. We have demonstrated the ability of 2-HOBA to support healthy lifespan in animals.”

SRW is the second company in the world to secure the revolutionary molecule for use in supplements, and provides the only source of pure 2-HOBA globally. Learn more about 2-HOBA (Hobamine™) here.