Zinc is an essential mineral for our body that is vital for our immune system. Since it is not naturally produced by our body, supplementation of this mineral through our diet is required. Foods like meat seafood and legumes are very rich in zinc.

Zinc is required by immune cells for their functional enzymes and initiating intracellular pathways to trigger an immune response.

Without Zinc, development and function of cells mediating innate immunity (neutrophils and natural killer cells) is debilitated, which is why when we are at a zinc deficiency, we tend to get sicker.

Total studies: >50,000
Total Studies related to Immune system: 2209
Total Clinical trials: 1759
Total Clinical trials related to Immune System: 148

Zinc supports the function of over 100 enzymes in the body.
~1.1 billion people are zinc deficient due to inadequate intake from diet.

Containing Zinc


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Immune System

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