Dr. Paul Kilgore MD

Imm¹ Scientist

Dr. Paul Kilgore <small>MD</small>

Dr. Paul Kilgore MD

Imm¹ Scientist

Dr. Paul Kilgore, MD, MPH, FACP, is a distinguished physician-epidemiologist with over 27 years of experience in public health research.

Dr. Kilgore has been heavily involved in the development of human studies for Natural glycoprotein isolate applications to support overall immune health.

The scientist behind Imm¹ Defence


Imm¹ Defence
Immune System

Imm¹ Defence supports a healthy immune response for overall wellbeing.

The Imm¹ formulation works in a dual action: natural glycoprotein isolate acts in the gut alongside your own antibodies, while other ingredients support the health of immune cells throughout the body.


Words from our expert

The overarching vision of my research is to support the immune system in infants, children and adults. My recent work involves the evidence-based evaluation of Natural Glycoprotein Isolate to support the overall immune system health and response”

Dr. Paul Kilgore