Muno-IgY™ Natural Glycoprotein Isolate

Natural Glycoprotein Isolate is a natural antibody/protein that is derived from hen egg yolks and is extracted via a patented process that yields high quality natural glycoprotein isolate.

The benefits from this unique isolate have been well-researched dating back to the 1890s.

Natural Glycoprotein Isolate aids our immune defense against unwanted invaders within our digestive system. Its unique structure and similarities to antibodies in humans allows it to not only stay within our gut, but also to bind to present foreign invaders, inhibiting its activity and providing an immediate immune response. This results in a reduced workload for our immune system in the gut so that our bodies are better prepared for an immune response to more dangerous foreign bodies/invaders.

Total studies: 539
Total Studies related to Immune system: 3019
Clinical trials: 11

Natural Glycoprotein Isolate denatures at temperatures >75°C, meaning we cannot receive the immunity-related benefits from consumption of cooked eggs.

Containing Muno-IgY™ Natural Glycoprotein Isolate


Imm1 Defence
Immune System

Imm¹ Defence supports a healthy immune response for overall wellbeing.

The Imm¹ formulation works in a dual action: natural glycoprotein isolate acts in the gut alongside your own antibodies, while other ingredients support the health of immune cells throughout the body.


The Scientist

Dr. Paul KilgoreMPH, MD

Dr. Paul Kilgore is an Epidemiologist with over 27 years’ experience in immunology and aging. He is fellow of the American College of Physicians and has held positions on the National Board of Health Examiners and American Board of Internal Medicine.

Dr. Kilgore has published 127 scientific publications relating to aging and immunity. He is a global expert on natural glycoprotein isolate with 14 years of experience researching and working with the ingredient.

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Dr. Paul KilgoreMPH, MD