Memortea™ is a specific oolong tea extract from the Camellia sinensis tea plant harvested from the Guan Yin mountains in China.

Memortea™ undergoes a fermenting process that provides a rich source of a variety of polyphenols, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to support not just our brain, but also regular bodily function.

Through several years of research of different types of tea, Dr Alan Snow and his team have shown Memortea™ to be the most significant tea extract to provide benefits towards brain health.

Containing Memortea™


Nrv¹ Focus
Nervous System

Nrv¹ Focus contains a blend of Alpha-GPC and percepta®. Percepta® is a trademarked blend of PTI-00703TM Cat’s Claw and MemorTeaTM.

Nrv¹ supports the nerve cell health, correct folding and formation of proteins in the brain and overall brain function.

Nrv¹ is designed for those in mentally demanding jobs, during exams, people who are learning or studying, or to support brain function as part of a preventative maintenance strategy.