Astragaloside is a compound found in the root of a plant known as Astragaloside Membranaceus, a native plant to asia which is well-known for being used as a traditional chinese tonic.

Astragaloside known to support key parts of our DNA known as telomeres, as well as supporting healthy cells and your immune system.
Telomeres are the protective caps of our chromosome and are known to shorten faster under oxidative stress. Once they reach a critical length the cells die. Longer telomeres have also been researched to be linked to health and longevity.
Astragaloside contributes to stability of our DNA by stimulating/promoting the enzyme, enzymatic functions that is responsible for repairing our telomeres as well as restraining the progressive telomere shortening process.

Total studies: 963
Total Studies related to Telomere function: 2
Total Clinical trials: 2

Containing Astragaloside


Cel1 Stability
Cellular System

As you age your DNA starts to show signs of wear and tear. Your DNA is your body’s operating code, telling it how to create its cells and how they should act, so it’s important to support your DNA for optimal health.

Cel1 Stability is formulated to support healthy DNA, telomeres, and normal epigenetic processes to support your cellular health. Our hero ingredients 2-HOBA, Astragaloside and Rutin work together to support your body's natural defences against 3 of the 9 Hallmarks of Aging.