Dr. Alan Snow PhD, MS

Nrv¹ Scientist

Dr. Alan Snow <small>PhD, MS</small>

Dr. Alan Snow PhD, MS

Nrv¹ Scientist

Dr. Alan Snow is a world-renowned expert in brain aging, memory loss, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and other misfolded protein disorders. His knowledge and theories about brain plaque and tangle formation as key targets for memory loss have been at the forefront of brain aging research for the past 25 years.

He has acquired 18 National Institute of Health (NIH) awards and is the owner of over 345+ issued patents pertaining to new drugs, nutraceuticals and screening technologies. Dr. Snow continues to pursue drug developments for treatments of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease.

The scientist behind Nrv¹ Focus


Nrv¹ Focus
Nervous System

As you age it’s normal to experience changes in the brain, such as size, blood flow, communication between neurons, and the number/structure of proteins within and around your neurons.

Nrv¹ Focus has been formulated to support neural health for healthy brain function and mental clarity, especially as you age. Recommended for aging brains, people with mentally demanding jobs or pastimes, students of any age, or as part of a preventative maintenance strategy for healthy aging.

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Percepta® is a trademarked blend of PTI-00703TM Cat’s Claw and MemorTeaTM.

Dr. Alan Snow has extensively researched the efficacy of Percepta® for its benefits to the health of your neurons and overall brain function. The National Institute on Aging provided over $2.5 million to support research into PTI-00703TM Cat’s Claw led by Dr. Alan Snow.

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Brain aging health from natural products is at the forefront of our research.”

Dr. Alan Snow