Rhamnan Sulphate

Rhamnan sulphate is a sulphated polysaccharide from a type of green seaweed, that is extracted using proprietary technology.

Rhamnan sulphate supports the maintenance and restoration of the glycocalyx. It also supports the synthesis and coverage of a major glycocalyx component called hepran sulphate, which plays a key role in protecting the endothelium.

Rhamnan sulphate is an exciting new molecule with over 30+ scientific studies including clinical trials showing promising signs with its ability to support overall blood vessel health.

Containing Rhamnan Sulphate


Cir¹ Flow
Circulatory System

Cir¹ Flow supports the epithelial health of blood vessels, for normal circulatory function as you age.

The Cir¹ formulation provides a unique and synergistic combination of rhamnan sulphate, curcuminoids and a selection of other ingredients to support the integrity of the blood vessel lining and normal nitric oxide levels for circulatory health.

Use Cir¹ to support the maintenance and repair of your blood vessel lining for overall blood vessel health.


The Scientist

Dr. Masahiro Terasawa PhD

Dr. Masahiro Terasawa's recent research is largely focused on the potential for Rhamnan Sulphate to support circulatory, digestive and vascular health. He has published 4 papers on the ability of the ingredient Rhamnan Sulphate to support blood vessel health in the body.

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Dr. Masahiro Terasawa PhD