Quercefit™ Quercetin

Quercetin is a natural flavonoid commonly found in fruits, vegetables and red wine. It has been well researched for its powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and recently anti-viral properties.

Quercefit is a patented formulation of Quercetin, extracted from lower buds of Sophora japonica. Its unique delivery system provides greater bioavailability and benefits to our body.

Studies have shown Quercetin to be an effective ionophore for Zinc, a key component for our immune system to regulate intracellular signaling pathways for our immune cells. Without the right ionophore, ions such as zinc is poorly absorbed from our cells and stays within our bloodstream, therefore not being used effectively within our body.

The combination of Quercefit Quercetin and Zinc, allows quercetin to not only provide its immune-related benefits but also acts as a carrier for Zinc across cell membranes to support healthy levels of Zinc to mediate a strong immune response.

Total studies: 6716
Total Studies related to Immune system: 208
Total Clinical trials: 146
Total Clinical trials related to Immune System: 7

20x more bioavailable than standard Quercetin.
13kg of raw onion is equivalent to 250mg Quercetin.

Containing Quercefit™ Quercetin


Imm1 Defence
Immune System

Imm¹ Defence supports a healthy immune response for overall wellbeing.

The Imm¹ formulation works in a dual action: natural glycoprotein isolate acts in the gut alongside your own antibodies, while other ingredients support the health of immune cells throughout the body.