Dr. Terasawa explains the formulation behind Cir¹ Flow

Dr. Terasawa explains the formulation behind Cir¹ Flow

Meet Dr. Masahiro Terasawa, the scientist behind SRW's Cir¹ Flow, and a member of the SRW Scientist Advisory Board.

Dr. Masahiro Terasawa has over 25 years’ experience specialising in Molecular Biology, having published more than 20 scientific papers, books and articles. His recent research is largely focused on the potential for Rhamnan sulphate (ingredient in Cir¹ Flow) to support circulatory, digestive and vascular health.

1). Please introduce yourself

I studied molecular biology and have a PhD at Osaka University, specializing in the field of DNA repair and dynamic instability relating to cellular aging. I have over 25 years of experience as a scientist. 

2) What is Cir¹ Flow?

Cir¹ Flow provides a unique synergistic combination of ingredients that supports maintenance of your blood vessel lining for overall blood vessel health. Cir¹ contains the ingredient Rhamnan sulfate. Rhamnan sulphate is a sulphated polysaccharide found in particular green alga. It is extracted from the alga using a proprietary technology.

Cir¹ also contains L-citrulline, which is an amino acid that support vessel dilation in the circulatory system. Vessel dilation is the process of expanding and contracting of the blood vessels. It's very important for controlling blood pressure in the body.

Another ingredient in Cir¹ is Hydrocurc. HydroCurc is a special form of curcumin, which is far more bio available in the body than standard forms of ingredient. Lastly, the formulation contains vitamin K2. This vitamin is common in fermented foods that are not readily available in Western diets.

This combination of ingredients supports the health of your blood vessels from all directions.

3). Tell us more about Rhamnan sulphate

Rhamnan sulphate is an exciting new molecule backed with more than 30 scientific studies. My team and I have conducted 10 scientific studies on the application of Rhamnan sulphate and have already published 6 papers, including papers supporting its ability to support blood vessel health and blood coagulation.

Rhamnan sulphate is extracted from a green algae, which is a traditional food that is eaten in Japan since prehistoric times, well-known for its ability to support health, especially the health of your circulatory system.

4). Why did you choose to work with SRW Laboratories?

I chose to work with SRW because the founder Greg Macpherson is a great formulator and has put together ingredients with the optimal combination to produce ideal supplements. He has wide knowledge in the nutraceutical industry and has come up with an entirely new line up of supplements.