An interview with Dr. Naji Abumrad

An interview with Dr. Naji Abumrad

Meet Dr. Naji Abumrad, the scientist behind SRW's Cel¹ Stability, and a member of the SRW Scientist Advisory Board. 

Dr. Naji Abumrad is a world renowned leader in the medical industry with over four decades of experience as a scientist and a surgeon. Dr. Abumrad has collaborated with the founders of Cel¹ Stability hero ingredient Hobamine™, focusing on the health benefits it brings related to aging, resulting in several issued patents. 

1). Please introduce yourself

I am currently the Professor of Surgery at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. I went to the State University of New York, where I was the Chairman of Surgery. 

2). Why is it important to support your body at a cellular level, as you age?

Well, as we grow older, we get significant changes in the way the cells function and that manifests to the outside and the way we look and in the way we function. We become a little bit more slow, we lose fitness, we become unable to do the same stuff and the same exercises and mobility that we had during early age. The science has really determined exactly what happens during this process of aging.

As we age, what happens even in early life, most of the events that science has identified tend to happen long before we get to older age. And what actually happens is there are nine types of processes that go on. They're called the hallmarks (Hallmarks of Aging). As we age, we are really subjected to a lot of environmental, as well as internal, factors that can worsen the aging process. For example, our exposure to UV light, hot weather, infections, bacteria etc.. All of these affect the cells in a way where they age more rapidly. Cel¹ is formulated to support DNA structure and function for optimal cellular health.

3). Can you please tell us more about the hero ingredient Hobamine in Cel¹? 

Cel¹ Stability is one of only two products in the world that have been licensed to have Hobamine included in it. It's certainly the only product in New Zealand and Australia. In order to understand where Hobamine came from it's very important to know that all this damage that happens that we talked about, it's because the body that usually maintains balance between certain molecules, that are called free radicals - it balances it with molecules that oppose it. However, during aging, during periods of stress, what happens is the amount of free radicals that are formed exceeds the capacity of the body to be able to fight it and it does that by producing some really nasty molecules. The other thing about Hobamine, it balances it without affecting the normal physiologic processes that are important. 

4). Can you please outline the number of publications, clinical trials, and peer reviews surrounding Hobamine?

It's very hard to outline the number of publications. There must be over hundreds of them in some of the highest peer-reviewed impactful scientific journals in the world and that work has been supported by, I would venture several hundred million dollars in the USA from the National Institute of Health and from other scientific organizations that are interested in this field and in humans both young and older adults, it's been extremely safe with almost zero side effects.

5). What is your expert opinion on the Cel¹ formulation? 

What I like about Cel¹ is the formula, it has three main ingredients that are extremely important to support the maintenance of healthy DNA. We talked about the benefits of Hobamine and the way it works, then there is Astragloside A and it has Rutin in its formula. 

6). Why did you choose to work with SRW Laboratories?

I met Greg Macpherson (Founder of SRW Laboratories) almost three years ago and I learned about his interest in developing nutrients that are scientifically based. We spent quite a bit of time and he was also recommended to me in a separate way by one of the greatest scientists in Cambridge, who's a colleague of mine and I was quite impressed by his understanding of what are the processes of aging. He has also published recently a book along those lines that is extremely well written and that he bases all his formulations on scientific basis and that's the reason why I chose SRW.