An interview with Dr. Matt Yousefzadeh

An interview with Dr. Matt Yousefzadeh

Meet Dr. Matt Yousefzadeh, the scientist behind SRW's Cel³ Renewal, and a member of the SRW Scientist Advisory Board. 

Dr. Matt Yousefzadeh has published over 30 scientific publications with heavy emphasis on cellular senescence and aging. Dr. Yousefzadeh has led numerous projects researching the efficacy of Fisetin and how it supports healthspan and lifespan. He is also invested in the key drivers that lead to enhancement to cellular senescence and the impact of this to the aging process.

1). Please introduce yourself

I got my PhD at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center and I'm an expert on aging and cellular senescence. So, for the past seven years I've studied how cellular senescence can drive aging, both through understanding the mechanisms of cellular senescence.

2). What is Cellular Senescence? 

Cellular senescence is when a cell becomes stressed and can no longer divide and proliferate. But this senescent cell is still metabolically active. Senescent cells are sometimes nicknamed "Zombie Cells" because they're resistant to cell death and act sort of like zombies.

When we're younger, these senescent cells are able to be cleared out by our immune system. As we get older, this isn't always the case, and these senescent cells can accumulate with age and have consequences for our bodies and tissues.

So for optimum health, it's really important to do whatever we can, either through diet, exercise and lifestyle choices to maintain a low burden of senescent cells.

3). Can you tell us about the Cel³ Renewal product? 

SRW laboratories' Cel³ Renewal contains Fisetin, Apigenin, Oleuropein, Berberine and EGCG. Cel³ is formulated to support cellular renewal, recycling and turnover as well as other cellular housekeeping processes. 

I've worked with Fisetin on a number of preclinical studies. I have co-authored over 30 papers in my career and some of my most recent ones have been showing the biological benefit of Fisetin.

4). What is Fisetin? 

Fistein is a polyphenol flavonoid that is found in strawberries and functions as an antioxidant. Fisetin is a natural senolytic that may reduce the burden of senescent cells that accumulate as we age.

5). Why did you choose to work with SRW Laboratories?

So I met Greg Macpherson, the Founder of SRW Laboratories through my work with Fisetin and I had known of him with his work with nutraceutical supplements and the aging space, and we really connected over Fisetin and his use of it in Cel³ Renewal. 

I was excited to work with SRW Laboratories because they're really taking an empirical science driven approach to their products and what they include in them, and they keep an eye on the science and allow it to sort of drive product selection.

They have a great vision and value system and I'm enthusiastic about the products and ingredients that they have and excited to see that they're using their data driven approaches to what they're incorporating into their product line.