An Interview with Dr. Mark Gray

An Interview with Dr. Mark Gray

We recently sat down with Dr. Mark Gray, founder of MoleMap NZ, Skin Institute, Ao Skincare, SRW Advisory Board member and renowned clinical dermatologist, discussing his personal healthy aging journey and experience with SRW Laboratories. 

Tell us about your healthy aging journey?

I have a deep interest in skincare and well health ingredients. My health journey was much the same as everybody else's. I started young and then got old. And during that process, you redefine yourself in terms of health, particularly around what you can and can't do. And what's optimal for your health. Three years ago, I had quite a life changing event, I had a cycling accident, a severe one. But what it did do, is it focused me very much on my health and wellness. 

Is there anything in particular you do to maintain your health?

The way I keep healthy now is I do lots of different things that I know are impactful. So that varies from diet to exercise, to reducing stress, to sleeping well, to eating well, And it's massively important, especially as you get older, you realise the things you do now matter for later. Everything relates to how you treat your cells and how your cells respond and then recover... So what interests me in particular is what we can do at the cellular level to make sure that you age well. By that, I mean you age in the healthiest possible way.

Tell us about your experience with SRW Laboratories.

Coming across SRW coincided with my own deep interest in how to maintain optimal health. And the approach that SRW have taken to that absolutely mirrors my own approach, which is multifactorial, optimising general health through a variety of ways, lifestyle related, but also .. supplements.

Was there anything that stood out to you about SRW?

The body of research and the people behind the business, if you like, the scientists that lead the organisation. They're all top of their game. And they're across all the ingredients and they're global. And so I guess the thing that really impressed me was that brains and trust behind the products.

What would you say to anyone considering SRW?

I think that taking SRW products along with the lifestyle choices that I've made exercise, reducing stress, all of those factors, is going to be impactful on my general health and wellbeing, longevity included.

Aging's part of life it's to be enjoyed. And SRW is one of the pieces of the puzzle that makes it optimum, optimal health!


Dr. Mark Gray - MBChB, FRACP, FRCPC, FRCPA, ABPath, ABDermpath, FR
Founder of MoleMap, Skin Institute & AoSkincare,