Dr. Snow explains the formulation behind Nrv¹ Focus

Dr. Snow explains the formulation behind Nrv¹ Focus

Meet Dr. Alan Snow, the scientist behind SRW's Nrv¹ Focus, and a member of the SRW Scientist Advisory Board.

Dr. Alan Snow is a world-renowned expert in brain aging, memory loss, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and other misfolded protein disorders. His knowledge and theories about brain plaque and tangle formation as key targets for memory loss have been at the forefront of brain aging research for the past 25 years.

Dr. Alan Snow has extensively researched the efficacy of Percepta® (ingredient in Nrv¹ Focus) for its benefits to the health of your neurons and overall brain function. Percepta® is a trademarked blend of PTI-00703® Cat’s Claw and MemorTea. The National Institute on Aging provided over $2.5 million to support research into PTI-00703® Cat’s Claw led by Dr. Alan Snow.

1). Please introduce yourself

I'm Doctor Alan Snow, I have a PhD in Pathology from Queen’s University. I've been working in the brain aging field for over 30 years. In which I have received 18 NIH National Institute of Health grants over my career. 

2). Tell us more about SRW's Nrv¹ Focus

Nrv¹ is a breakthrough product in the brain health field - based on a lot of the research that we've done. This combination of ingredients, in Nrv¹ consists of PTI 703 Cats Claw, MemorT, Alpha GPC and various vitamin B complex.

Nrv¹ is backed by a significant amount of research, especially for ingredients, PTI 703 Cats Claw and Memor T which is known as Percepta today. 

3). What is PTI 703 Cat's Claw?

PTI 703 Cat's Claw is a tropical woody vine which can grow up to 30 meters tall and is found mainly in the Amazon rainforest of South America. PTI-00703 Cat’s Claw has been shown to support healthy brain function with statistical significance. Brain aging health from natural products is at the forefront of our research

We looked at 17 different types of cats claw and identified a specific extract that is taken from a specific region. PTI 00703 cats claw contains much more concentrated form of cats claw than anything else on the marketplace today.

4). Why did you choose to work with SRW Laboratories?

I met Greg Macpherson who's the founder of SRW Laboratories, at one of the major dietary supplement conferences. I was very impressed by his research and his ability to take very complicated ideas and turn them into very simple products and that's the basis behind many of his products at SRW Laboratories