Slowing Down the Aging Process is as Easy as Cel¹ Cel² Cel³ with Science Research Wellness

[SRW PRESS RELEASE : 11 August 2021] It may be the first time in human history we finally have the right tools to age well says Greg Macpherson, a biotechnologist, pharmacist and founder of SRW Laboratories (SRW), who has developed the first full line of targeted cellular health supplements with his team of leading scientists who are the global authorities on aging, cellular structure and function, biochemistry and biotechnology.

“Up until now we’ve aged fairly well with basic lifestyle management and a little luck. Today, we have the precise tools to take it to another level – the cellular level,” said Macpherson. “Using the Nine Hallmarks of aging, or identified causes of aging, we can literally reprogram our cells to function at a much younger biological age than our current chronological age. No other generation has had this technology available to them.”

For more than a decade, Macpherson has been working in the biotechnology sector, focusing on the aging process at the cellular level. This work led him to discover ways to target the nine identified, scientific hallmarks of aging, which is the premise of his newly released book, “Harnessing the Nine Hallmarks of Aging.” While writing the book he realized finding the recommended nutrients and compounds needed for optimal cellular stability, nourishment and renewal was not that easy. This led him to the idea of developing a company centered on cellular health supplements to help people succeed at aging well.

“No one wants to live a long life if you can’t enjoy it,” said Macpherson. “Humans have the capacity to live up to 120 years, and now we have discovered a way to help get people there, while living a very fulfilled life.”

In addition to diet, fasting, exercise, stress reduction and sleep, Macpherson says recent developments on understanding how to support DNA repair mechanisms have opened the door to new nutraceuticals that have a profound impact on slowing the aging process. One of the game changing molecules he is utilizing in SRW’s supplement, Cel1 Stability, is HobamineTM (2-HOBA), an extract from Himalayan Tartary buckwheat, discovered by Vanderbilt University scientists through the research spearheaded by Dr. Naji Abumrad. It’s so cutting edge, it is hard to find in most supplements; in fact, Macpherson’s company is only the second company in the world to offer it and Abumrad is a part of SRW’s scientific team. 2-HOBA provides new ways to protect DNA and other cellular components from oxidative stress while maintaining healthy levels of free radical signaling. It is vastly different than what is commonly associated with the class of phytochemicals known as antioxidants, in that it can stop the cascading damage in the cell that can ignite inflammation or stress in the body. Research shows that 2-HOBA can help the immune system stabilize to a restful, healthy state, versus being over-stimulated, which can happen over the long term as we age.

This is just one of the cutting-edge ingredients found in SRW’s Cellular System Range of nutraceuticals, Cel1Stability, Cel2 Nourishment and Cel3 Renewal, that when taken in combination support the body’s ability to defy the nine identified hallmarks of aging, which are: genomic instability, telomere attrition, epigenetic alterations, loss of proteostasis, deregulated nutrient sensing, mitochondrial dysfunction, cellular senescence, stem cell exhaustion and altered intercellular communication. Each Cellular System supplement has a different cellular health focus. A person’s biological age (or cell’s age) can be determined by DNA testing and reveals the actual age cells are acting, which could be vastly different from a person’s chronological age (or number of years lived).

SRW’s goal is to curate the very latest in science and research to develop formulations that help people age healthier. The debut of SRW’s Cellular System Range includes Cel1 Stability, Cel2 Nourishment and Cel3 Renewal. Cel1 Stability supports DNA structure and function and is recommended if you experience stress factors that negatively impact DNA, such as lack of sleep, UV and pollution exposure, poor diet or excessive stress. Cel2 Nourishment supports energy levels in the cell by providing a supply of NMN, an energy precursor that is used in the mitochondria, and is recommended if you experience low energy or want extended energy without caffeine. Cel3 Renewal supports the cellular housekeeping processes, which plays an important role in clearing out and recycling cells in the body called senescent cells that are no longer useful and is recommended to support the body’s ability to form proteins and recycle cells. Current studies are pointing to senescent cells as causing the body’s overreaction to coronavirus in older populations, contributing to increased mortality. Another indicator that immune response and the cell’s age have a lot to do with how well we age.