Popular anti-aging ingredient NMN used by Harvard Professor has landed in New Zealand

Popular anti-aging ingredient NMN used by Harvard Professor has landed in New Zealand

[SRW PRESS RELEASE : 17th August 2022]

One of the small joys we wake up to in the digital world we live in is a fully charged phone to start our day. It has become almost second nature that we ensure our phones are plugged into the charger before going to bed every night. But can we say the same about the systems that power our bodies? Unlike mobile devices that use batteries, the human body gets it energy using energy factories called mitochondria in our cells. These energy factories use a molecule called NAD+ (Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) to act as fuel for important daily processes such as converting food to energy, maintaining DNA and immune function.

NAD+ is used in many cellular processes, is present in every living organism, and the science has shown a that NAD+ levels decline with age. Naturally, one might assume that by consuming NAD+ we can elevate NAD+ levels, however, NAD+ on its own cannot be directly absorbed by the cells.

NMN (Nicotinamide Mononucleotide) is a direct precursor of NAD+ and is well-researched with over 1300+ supporting scientific articles on PubMed. The ingredient is increasingly being used in anti-aging supplements overseas to supply a surge in demand in recent years, and leading to a global market size of over NZD$360 million in 2021.

NMN has been popular in the biohacking community overseas for some time including the well-known Professor of Genetics at Harvard University, David Sinclair. Many people choose to supplement NMN because while it occurs in nature, foods only contain very small quantities of NMN, making it difficult to get an efficacious amount from diet alone. The quality and purity of NMN on the market varies drastically, and there is a lack of transparency about these important factors when it comes to NMN supplements internationally.

New Zealand health company ‘SRW Laboratories’ have introduced a stabilised form of high purity NMN to their impressive line-up of cellular nutrition supplements.

“At SRW, we never compromise on the quality of our ingredients. Our product contains a high dose of 500mg per serve at an optimal purity of over 99.5%. NMN enters directly into the cell through a recently discovered transporter called slc12a8, where it is converted in one step to NAD+.” says Greg Macpherson, Founder of SRW Laboratories.

NMN is backed by SRW’s Science Advisory Board and has been developed in partnership with Dr. Jianjun Yu (PhD, East China University of Science and Technology), who has spent the last decade researching NMN and other molecules for heathy aging. Dr. Yu has an extensive career in developing compounds for human wellbeing and was awarded the science and technology progress award of the ministry of education in China, 2019. He was also the lead scientist developing a patented NMN preparation technique which improves NMN’s stability and has obtained 9 other patents over his career.

“NAD+ is an energy-providing molecule found in every cell of the body. It is used to metabolize, build new cells, defend against free radicals, modulate our microbiome and send signals inside the cell. Regular supplementation with NMN supports healthy levels of NAD+” – Dr. Jianjun Yu.

NMN is ideal for individuals looking for support energy, as an alternative to caffeinated drinks. And more importantly, NMN supports healthy aging processes at a cellular level metabolic, heart and brain health.

NMN is available to purchase at www.srw.co and at select pharmacies and health centres for NZD $89.