DNAage is a saliva test that uses epigenetics to reveal the acting age of your cells - your biological age.

There is DNA in your saliva from the cells in your mouth. We extract your DNA and process it to measure DNA methylation, which provides an indication of your biological age. 

Why does biological age matter? 

What if you could observe the impact your lifestyle choices are having on your body? Your biological age gives you an indication of this, letting you know if you are aging well compared to others, or if your cells are behaving older than expected.

Not only this, but when you make adjustments to your lifestyle such as improving your diet, managing stress, getting more/better sleep, and supporting cellular health with supplementation you may find that your biological age responds in a positive way. 

What's in the kit:

  • Saliva collection tube and funnel
  • Instructions
  • Pre-paid return courier bag

6 Simple Steps:

  1. Follow the instructions to deposit a saliva sample into the collection tube
  2. Register your kit online Tell us a bit about your lifestyle (optional)
  3. Send your sample to us in the pre-paid bag
  4. We email your results to you If you have elected to receive more information, we will follow up with lifestyle advice to help you improve your result
  5. Repeat the test in 6-12 months to measure your progress